Shadow over Fanor

The story so far
Sessions 1-5

Session 1

Elven king doesn’t like to speak common. He sees it as a vulgar tongue, not worthy of him.

The party was sent on a mission to escort Sharaera, by King Willorindal. However, this was a ruse, to assassinate Sharaera, and blame it on the party and the Maelor family.

However, as they had left the city, Ryuu tried to catch up with them. Ren, the guard escorting them wouldn’t let him enter the party. Party proceeds to kill Ren. Find a ring, a medallion with his wife in it, a map with a marked location, and a message telling him the assassins are hiding there (“waterfall”). They go around it, and arrive at the Maelor Family Hold, where they are welcomed. During dinner a conversation starts, and Torfaen Maelor proposes to kill Willorindal. He sends the party back to Minas Lenora to find Cadfeil Eron, an ally and friend, in the Alehouse of the Devils. They fight a bunch of Goblins (Tim, elaborate on this a bit)(Sure, secret goblin underground facility that makes an appearance later on when they try to overthrow the king.). As they enter the city, they find a large crowd, and a bunch of pyres, with Nagarr, Mallaoi and Nedeni’s brother at them. They attempt to save them, but fail, and draw attention of the bloodthirsty guard. They run, and are saved by Cadfeil, who leads them into the sewers.


Session 2

Through the sewers, the party reaches the Alehouse of the Devils, where Ayato is delighted to see that it is, in fact, run by tieflings. She and Ryuu both get drunk while Nedeni stores her stuff, and Sharaera trades in her royal dress for a common one. However, as the amount of consumed ale increases, so does their debt. They are sent to Belegost, the dwarven city to the north, to retrieve ale for the Tieflings. Arriving there, they hear that the tiefling that usually gets the ale, is probably feasting with the Dwarves, as they have their Dwarrow Feast. An adorable Dwarf, named Krumnus, lets them into the city. In the city the party steals stuff on a market (alignments, people!), and attend the feast. Still wary from the last time they drank, they decided to only have a few drinks. A dwarf dragged Garillion into a fistfight, but Garillion beats him. Furthermore, there’s archery (Agonizing blastery?), music and dancing. And then, a horn resounds, and the Dwarrow Brawl starts. They stand their ground, and while Garillion gets knocked out, they win the fight, and are invited to drink with the King amongst the Dwarves.

Session 3 part 1

Drinking and conversing with the King amongst the Dwarves. He is currently willing to provide resources and a single dwarf to help the party. The map of the palace Sharaera will try and make will not be very accurate.

The last king had an advisor (a priest) and a guard (elf). Eventually, Huldor decided to discuss things with Sharaera, as the party went to retrieve Ale.


Session 3 part 2

The party left for the Brewery, where they were attacked by a warlock and two bears. Ayato managed to down the warlock, by ripping his throat out with her teeth. The party later finds out the brewery was owned by a giant, who they befriended.


Session 4

In a trip back to memory lane, the party travels to Nagarr’s mansion. However, instead of finding something that could help them, they instead find Laudanum. Three members become intoxicated, and pass out later. Cadfeil comes to pick up the party.


Session 5

The party leaves with Cadfeil, and commence travel towards Minas Lenora. However, soon after passing their first landmark, Cadfeil leaves with the unconscious Sharaera, as she needs medicine. The party is on its own. During the first night, a couple of dwarves pass the road, although they seem more interested in each other than in the party. Later, they encounter an elven patrol, but manage to hide from them. They kill a redcap, and during another night, the most peculiar thing happens. As Nedeni stands guard, a fiddle is heard. She follows it, and, long story short, she now possesses a Bone Fiddle.


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